Saturday, March 28, 2015

Life Improvements

1. Exercise

And if you can, exercise in the morning. This helps in so many ways. It will help you sleep better at night and be more alert during the day. It will help wake you up in the morning by getting your blood flowing. It will help to sharpen and focus your mind. It will help relieve stress. There are just so many benefits.

TEH : A must to make it a compulsory ... daily basis.

2. Don't say "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I don't have time."

Tomorrow tends to be the imaginary land that never arrives, and 95-99% of the time when people say "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I don't have time" it really means "I'd rather just be lazy."

TEH : Haha ... guilty. Procrastination. Ok ok ... I will try not to be lazy, tho that is my nature?

3. Don't make excuses. Just do it.

If there is something that you want to do, whether it is just something that you think would be fun, a new experience, or something to better yourself then do it. This sort of goes with point #2. If you're making excuses then all that means is your really don't want it that badly.

TEH : Yes, there are many things I wanted to do with my limited time(24 hours only) ... so, I have to learn to prioritize.

4.Read books.

Get off the internet. Stop reading pointless 3 paragraph articles and read something substantial. It will help expand your vocabulary, it will open your mind, it will inspire real thinking and creativity, and more.

TEH : Yup yup ... listening. I do enjoy reading books ... rather than online. Time to reduce my hours on internet!

5. Make sure you understand your credit score.

TEH : Learning to know more ... at least I have started from financial-idiot to someone more aware of personal finances.

6. Save money.

Be aggressive about it. In the next 5-10 years, you'll probably be extremely happy that you did so.

TEH : This is a MUST ... I need to be back being frugal ... used too much when I shifted to new place. Time to be aggressive in saving again.

7. Don't hold grudges.

Do not harbour hate. It takes a lot of energy to be mad at people so don't bother. Just let things go. And if someone continues to inspire these bad feelings in you, then let them go. It's that simple.

TEH : I have learnt these well ... but I do still have few negative humans around me, which I hope they will understand(one day?) why they are un-happy and why they still kept those hatred in them.

8. Laugh and smile.

Always. Having a bad day? First, Smile. A big one. Ear to ear. Force it. Smiling doesn't just happen when you are happy, but it always happens to make you happier. It's scientifically proven. Then go to YouTube (I know earlier I said get off the internet, but laughter is a necessity.), look up a funny video or your favorite comedian and just laugh. Just let go. It'll help.

TEH : It is not easy to SMILE when we are down ... we all knew that. Getting away from bad situation is hard enough ... but written here : FORCE IT. ok ...

9. Stop and smell the roses.

It's good to want to better yourself, but you also need to know when to take time for yourself and relax. Let your batteries recharge.

TEH : Yes ... need to learn to STOP ... PAUSE ... and err ... I don't like the smell of roses. Have a walk in the park would be nice.

10. Be thankful and grateful.

Sometimes it can be hard in the moment to realize that you actually have it pretty good, but every now and then just stop and think about everything that you have in your life. There is always someone who has it worse so you should be happy that you have what you have. It's also good to want to be better and to not just accept things for what they are, to challenge the status quo, but at the same time if you are always surging forward and you never stop to appreciate what and who is around you then one day when you finally do stop, you may realize there's nothing left.

TEH : Yes ... I always feel thankful to those supported me, being helpful ... and have taught me good lessons. Thanks.

There are half more ... but guess it is good enough to share here, about living.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oil and Gas rebounds

This morning as we were reading about Yemen and some clashes there ... I saw O&G sector moving ... after considering the charts and fundamentals, I took UZMA.

UZMA : I bought at market price at 2.01 ... it hit 2.05 in morning, and when retraced ... I just grabbed. Many members bought too. So ... SELL at resistance 2.16 also done. Trading at 2.18 now. I moved away to take another O&G. UZMA was a good one, as I sold AMBank which I bought yesterday for small losses to jump into her.

This is shown ''live'' why I took it to my trading group ... but I missed Perisai. We cant have everything and have to choose. It is a choice, decision.

Esceram : Sold this morning too ... thanks. 30cents is the resistance. Resistance is a SELL not a buy, ok? We bought 27-28 cents. At 31 cents now ... zzzz

Parkson : Hit the 2.19 resistance target given ... we bought during hammer formed 1.99 n below. Yes, Parkson is a sell today.


Naim : What is going on??

JTiasa : New low ... bad reports?

Cahaya Mata is ok ...

Anyway, the theme for short-term is O&G ...

Stock-Watch : Do join me in my stock-watch group for April. contact me at

Cohort-17 : I am planning for a trading workshop end of April. Those interested to learn trading, can contact me too.


4.20 pm : Bought UMWOG 2.23 ... sold 2.31(half) done. That is fast ... O&G in play.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Tuesday morning ... the Monday-blue still sticking around. Could not shake-it-out.

The blame is always on me ... as I m taking more responsibilities ...

I am accepting criticism as that making me stronger ... and facing the difficulties. They said that ... if the normal people do not feel skepticism and criticize you ... you are not successfully enough. After all, majority are not successful in their lives(living in fear, anger, envy, hatred, inferior, revengeful, unhappy, negativism ... etc).

So ... pulling ourselves away from the pack ... making us, standing out ... and dare to do what majority doesn't thing it is possible.

For example ... mentoring a group to be good traders? Possible?

That is the challenge I m facing now. I might fail .. I might be criticized and someone in the group might turnout to be ...

Start working on the group ... officially starting in April ... and May, I will delete many who did not take initiative to learn or showing interest.

You cannot teach those who do not wish to learn, ok?

Hv a nice day ... while I m having a blue.


Monday, March 23, 2015

Futures Trading

FKLI dropped more than 20 points ... two bad candlesticks seen last week ... so, SHORT FKLI.

I am taking in few tratles to learn trading futures. This is only for those already trading stocks and doing good. Futures-trading is NOT for majority, if you cant handle trading MyEg(I bought today) ... I do not think so one could survive.

Yes, in daily basis ... since Mac, I shown them all my open positions .. my daily trades. Today, due to one blunder ... I lost RM500 ... was profiting RM900 ... so, profit for today is RM400. Still ok ... but disappointed with my amateurish mistake. Need to get a cheaper platform.

 Anyway ... it 1-2 years, I will be seeing the results. If I failed to train these batch of tratles to profit well in futures-trading. It is extremely RISKY ... but I m up with the challenge.. It is closed and only for them to see ALL my trades. That is how we improve ...

Tired ... FCPO closed at 6pm ... time for my dinner.

Parkson : Selling 2.19 tmr ... average at 1.95. Thanks.

visit me at :


Blue Monday

Morning ... a blue-Monday as LKY passed away, Liverpool lost. And Pak Mie passed away too.

The only good news so far is my Parkson which I bought on Friday(hammer formed) flying high and many members sold ... at 2.10 level now. I sold half at 2.08, keeping ... till I go Parkson for shopping.

Parkson : see the huge volume on Friday? That initiated me to have a strong BUY call. Then, I explained to members during e-meeting last night when we were learning candle-sticks. This is one of the strongest hammer you could find. Not easy to have such cases ... well, it wont work on wintoni-and-gang, tho. But, if I said I bought Parkson at 1.92-1.99, many readers(especially those few constant envious-negative people in i3-forum) may not agree. It is not my obligation to tell anyone what I buy or sell, ok?

I am back ... with my better mood, tho the passing of LKY saddened me. He is one of the best leader around. High respect and managed to bring Spore WAY above Malaysia(of coz we have those leaders ... errr ... sedition la). Anyway, RIP Mr LKY.

To be a good trader ... we need to have a system. Then, discipline to follow-thru. These are difficult part ... and I will discuss more in my coming e-meeting(public talk thru online).

If one is good enough as a trader, then trade futures (FKLI and FCPO). That is much more challenging ... and controlled by sharks!! If you are new to trading, it is RIDICULOUS to believe that you will be profiting from trading ... and if you cant even handle GenM or AirAsia, you wont survive in futures-trading.

FCPO is opening soon ... got to focus.

Have a nice week ahead.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday blah-blah

PoHuat(code 7088)  : Nicely at 20MA support ... can consider to take at RM2.30 level and cut-loss if 20MA broken. With MYR3.70 above now, we may see furniture-counters moving again next week.

Note : Trade at your own risk.

DOW up up and away ... hitting new high again soon. What is in my mind as I m still biased to bearish? Market doesn't make sense again ... oil down, MYR down ... 1MDB, GST .. but KLCI up? Hmm ... really a boleh-land.

If we have money, do buy property rather than gold. That is serious. I was thinking about the gold-story I wrote this noon ... property is certainly better in long-term(not gold).

There ...If market is crashing, it is time to check on cheap-sales ... before that, we need to learn NOW how to buy cheap property ... where, what ... yeah, I m making all the preparation possible for the market crash. It will be my only crash-cycle as I m reaching 50 now. If I m too miss it(to profit hugely), I might need to see it again after I m in my 60s(assuming I m still around?)

Are we prepared for the market crash? It wont be 2015 ... but if in 2-4 yrs time, are we prepared? How?

It will be an interesting topic which I will bring up in next month tratles meeting (only for those came for my trading workshop and continue with me).

I need to rest ... blur-blur



Gold : Re-visited

Recently, GOLD was at 1150 level support. Gold hit years low in Nov 2014 last year. Recently too, USD hit 100. That is how I see it ... Gold will lose it glitters if USD continues it strong uptrend. Besides, MYR is taking the beating with 3.70 above now ...

A note to those wanting to buy paper-gold, such as opening the bank-book on Gold(or Silver). Yes, in my opinion ... we should not open such accounts. There are many things the salespersons do not tell you about. Well, you cant blame them ... they are on commission base to get customers/clients to open accounts, right?

Recently, I have thought of opening the account too ... so, I done some simple research on the WHYs we should not.

Check the spread. It is high ... about 6-8%. Before we even have that paper-gold in our accounts, we lose out that amount.

Charges fees. Check that too ... as we cant deny that will eat up any so-called investment we placed our money into.

It is vs USD. If USD is strong vs MYR, don't we need to put more MYR for an oz? No? Think of it another way ... gold vs USD ... they are negatively correlated. This ... u may need some statistical friend to explain to you. DO NOT approach those sales-persons. Get me?

Dividend. No ... these account wont give us dividend. It is moving in tandem with gold-prices(which at 1185 now) but the set back ... USD lowering if gold-price up. No dividend ... put in ASB/ASN or even FD is better, ok?

Guaranteed? That I m not sure ... check if it is insured.

Time to go ... at airport now.

Have a nice weekend


Friday, March 20, 2015

TGIF : Weekend

It is Friday!! I am never so excited about Friday ... haha. Going to have dinner at TGIF tonight!!

It has been a long one week for me ... today, I decided to wake up ... go for a run! Eat bread ... make my own coffee (been on roti-telur and teh-Tarik for breakfast for past one week!! haha)

Going to listen to songs ... whole day, while watching Wall-Street(DVD).

Then ... dinner ... dinner ... TGIF. Anyone want to join me? Your treat. Haha.

KLCI has been very bullish, rebounded from support 1780 level, above 1800. wow ... today's a little red ... could be due to profit taking ... before surging to 1825 (200MA) resistance again. We shall wait for that SHARP correction ... wait wait ... sabar.

Perhaps I should go to Subang Parade(TGIF) as I could visit Parkson there too. Check out Parkson-waterfalling....

There ... Parkson is trading at RM2. cheap? Wait till I go shop there ... it might rebound then. Haha.

Ok ... time to get back into life ... which I have been missing for a week now!!

cohort-17 : I will be having a trading workshop next month. See if market will correct sharply for me to initiate buying again. Will put in KIV page, those interested


Have nice weekend!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 5 : Withdrawal Syndrome

It has been 5 days I did not blog ... those followed my facebook might know why. Yeah ... my wife n kids are in KK for holiday, daddy is home alone ... and I missed them too much.

This is what I shared in my facebook ... it is weird to re-read my own posts?

Day 4 : Withdrawal Syndrome

I could feel my world so cold for days now ... tho I m busy, occupying myself with classes, trading, chatting, e-meeting, reading ... and songs. I have no oommpphh for most of the things going on.

I treated myself with Burger & Latte last night at Meteora ... but it is not as tasteful.

Today ... I will still be busy with dentist appointment(now), classes and a dinner appointment with a trader-friend. Tmr ... I will still have 3 tuition classes and another dinner appointment.

I m just running the days, without my will ... tho these are things I like doing in my normal-days.

Yes ... I am missing my wife and kids. I m such an emotional person. That is always my weakness. It is never the place I go, things I do, food I take ... it is always been the people I m with. Till then ...

Well ... they will only be back on Sat.

Saturday I spent my days ... at Proton Service Center for whole morning, then tratles meeting ... yam-char and at night I just went to Pyramid for a walk.

Sunday ... classes ... and sleep. Then, I had a good e-learning session on Candlesticks & Volume Analysis at night. That is session 1 ... this Sunday will be a continuation ...

Monday ... made silly trading mistakes due to emotional in-stability and lost in my trades. Yeah ... the rule is ... never to trade when we are emotional. Tuition classes and e-meeting with members at night.

Tuesday was yesterday ... fixed my gigi-sakit and changed my bike tyre. Classes cancelled as I could not speak (still pain). Skipped my toastmaster meeting too ... and watched a DVD at home, instead.

Wednesday ... now, awaken 3am ... as I could not sleep. It is too quiet at home here. Then, I remember I do have a blog that I have basically abandoned due to my ''withdrawal syndrome''.

I do still have 3 tuition classes later ... while I will be excited with my FCPO trades. Yes yes ... SOY dived to 30 level, FCPO might dive further below 2100 level.

What is going on in markets? Hmm ... nothing much, KLCI still stands above 1780 support. 3.70MYR to 1USD .... crude oil below 45 ... hmm .. 1MDB and political issues are nothing new.

O&G : Terrible ... if anyone holding to these counters.

Armada : The last time ... I got lucky to buy 1.23 and sold 1.29. Since then, I was watching it breaking 1.20 ... till hitting 1.01, nearing to the low. I do still remember how Armada dived from RM1.30 level to RM1 and we caught at around RM1 (my average was RM1.02 back then). Traded few times as it rebounded ... and not even at RM1 level ... I do not want to take the risk. Cheap? Waiting for it to break RM1 ... check at 90cents.

Dayang : On Monday, I alerted the group about watching Dayang ... Yesterday ... another dive to low 2.12. Interesting ... don't know if related to Swak election or it is due to crude oil. Yes, it is time to trade her ...

alright .... 5am. Going for cycling.

Few more days ... to be alone.

Have a nice week ahead.