Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wealth Mindset

Have you ever wondered why some people are so wealthy, even though they’re not any smarter or harder working than most other people are?

Seems unfair, right?

How did they get there? Do they have better connections? Did their parents give them money? Did they take out a huge loan and gamble on starting a business? Is it from illegal or shady activity?

While these situations may be true for some wealthy people, for the most part, getting wealthy is pretty simple. It comes from having the right “strategy.”

What is this secret strategy, you ask?

Diversified Investing + Small Deposits of Money + Time = Wealth

The above is one of the article I was reading just now .. while trading FGV.

Other days ... I will listen to youtube clips on motivation or wealth ... or trading. These are what I m doing in the morning, while trading!!

Time for lunch and going for tuition classes ... accumulating capitals.

Earn ... save ... invest.


RS : The reasons we dont achieve success




Simple rules of moving towards our goals ... successfully.

Great words


Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Sharing : Session 2

Morning ... FKLI down 12 points while KLCI down 3 points?

It is Monday morning ... kinda lazy after a nice weekend. And as I m not buying anything much, I m just waiting to sell off my CIMBC50 and Harta.

Put-warrants : Should we be buying put warrants if we think the index (FBMKLCI) or stocks will be moving lower?

Book Sharing : Session 2 https://www.facebook.com/tratles

page 20 #1 : buy b4 Jan to anticipate of good Jan rally

page 37 #2 : Check on oil prices

page 44 #3 : Market bullish, look for stock in consolidation mode

page 45 #4 : Buying high PE ratio?

page 63 #5 : What is a bull market?

Last night I had a book-sharing. Glad that many came to hear to my one hour of reading books, and showing to them some relevant stocks!!

Due to good response, I will have my third session of book-sharing(same book by Wong Yee), tentatively on 8th Feb.

It is almost 10am ... going to have a hair-cut, my usual Indian barber shop, of coz.

6.20pm : I am still in office, giving tuition. I have two classes on Monday ... starting 3pm. So, in the morning ... I am free.

My job is to check market for weekly planning ... had my hair-cut (RM13) at barber ... personally dyed my hair black(my uban) and then fetched my girl back from school.

Tonight e-meeting for my stock-watch group, explaining the selling and why I m expecting market to correct further this week.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday blah-blah

Robin Sharma : He is my current guru ... listening to him in frequent basis ... while I m making that bold steps to change!!

Today I m glad to have lunch with my bro/sis. We went to 1-U ... well, knowing that it is a crazily packed place, I went there around 10am!! Yes ... brought kids to their toy-shop while I m playing with Lego-block.

Nice food(but got lots MSG, I guess) ... small portion and not cheap. On my sis. haha.

Ok ... I need to go for my walk and dinner.

Later, I will have a public-talk .. I called it Book-Sharing(more and more to come ... join me there) where I will read a trading-investing book and explaining some of the pages, ideas and my own opinions or experiences.



Saturday, January 24, 2015

Be fearful when everyone is greedy?

Morning ... it is a weekend!!

KLCI hitting 100MA ... and resistance 1808. It was a selling spree day for me as I m moving out.

Hartalega : I do still have Harta which I bought at RM7.07 (30lots only) ... now closing at RM7.30. So, I will be selling at RM7.40 plus level, if permitted. I bought Supermax, Karex and Harta for rubber-play. Missed Wellcal tho.

Anyway .. it is still sell sell sell to me. Haha

HapSeng update : click here


Book-sharing : for those wish to join my book-sharing tmr night, do go to the link




or e-mail me at cpteh@yahoo.com to get in touch.

Will have 3 tuition classes today, and will want to bring kids to blok-space later.

have a nice weekend.


Friday, January 23, 2015

KLCI back to 1800 level

A BULL DAY .... thanks ECB.

KLCI closed at 1800 for lunch. It hit my target 1808 this morning during bull charging. So ... as planned, short FKLI and sell stocks.

Supermax : Hitting 2.37 high .. whoever chasing in the morning must be played out by their emotion.

Do not chase stocks. Do not worry of missing the boats.

Scores : 36 - 5

Sold Hapseng ... sold Hapseng-wa. Finally I am out of HapSeng as I was heavy inside with mommy and baby. What a good trade that is.

Sold Karex ...

I bought Armada at 1.23 yesterday, sold 1.29 and 1.30 this morning done.

I bought MHB at 1.41 yesterday ... wanting to sell at 1.49, but it only hit 1.47. So, I sold 1.45-1.46.

Even PetDag moved up 4% today. Haha ... Cypark back to RM2, sold last week.

SKPetrol hitting 2.88 this morning is a strong sell to me. Some of my members still wanting more? Well .. buying below RM2.50, take profit today 2.88 nice number la. I said.

Do you all realize that more sifu-guru coming out these few days as market ''suddenly'' bullish and most oil-counters flying high? Think again ...

More noises in my chatbox too ... so, later I will check some forums. If the noises of ''huat ar'' is everywhere, time to release off my Hartalega too.


CIMBC50 breakout of 1.28 ... I bought when china-stock-index dived 7% that day(remember?). Today reaching 1.30 ... hold. If I m still promoting this ... and more retailers moving in, I will sell and ask my members to sell to them too.

This is an ETF ... it is not liquid. C = China. 50 is the number of companies. Read more from Bursa before buying.

Trade at own risk. Time to get out of market. Rest days ahead next week.

e-meeting : This Sunday I will have a free public talk about book-sharing. All invited.

e-mail : cpteh@yahoo.com


Thursday, January 22, 2015

BULL DAY is a SELL day?

It is noon now. Morning busy with trades and plumber came to fix a basin in my office!

e-mail : I have replied most of those e-mail to me ... but many do not even have the courtesy to reply me!! Many just disappear ... without a sound. Is that Malaysians culture?

Trades : HapSeng and its warrant are good trades. Sold some wa at 2.38-2.39 done today, keep the rest till reversal signals. Sold Supermax and FGV today. O&G counters moving today ... thanks to OPEC. haha.

check here : http://www.tratles.net/2015/01/21/stock-watch-hapseng-and-hapseng-wa/

As KLCI shot up yesterday and today ... hugely, I m in SELLING mode. We do not buy when stocks running up high, market sentiment is good. Well ... I prefer to be the contrarian. Your choice.

Being a contrarian, I like SKPetrol when it dropped below RM2.50 ... very nice as we collected around RM2.30. Today is RM2.80 ... heck, it is a SELL in my opinion. One moment it dived because of OIL PRICES down and SHARIAH stories ... today it shot up also due to similar news. Heck ... how now? buy?

I don't know ... what I do remind myself is 80% losers still out there. They are retailers. So, logically(which MOST 80% losers do not have ...) I will prefer to follow the 20%. They must have done something RIGHT ... and place them in winner-side. Yes ... besides knowledge and experiences, they are not doing what most losers will do(example : blaming their remisiers or anyone for their losses)

Next resistance for KLCI will be at 1800 level. I would rather short FKLI ... and SELL most of my stocks again if it really hitting 1800. Sit back ... relax and wait for CNY rally?

Lunch time


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Donate old story-books

I am going to initiate a mini-project : Collect used story-books and donate to primary schools and orphanages.

This is my girl's school ... the picture taken this morning, as I observed the students reading story-books!!

So ... I was thinking ... if only each of us ... could donate our used story-books or buy a new one(if your kids have grown up) .. donate to them!! Can we??

Here is the idea : Collection center ... SS15 Subang Jaya.

If you are staying in USJ/Subang Jaya area, I will personally collect from you ... or I will appreciate if one could go to SS15 to meet me there.

e-mail : cpteh@yahoo.com and I will give you my hp number!!

How is that?

I will start with college students' (Taylor's, Inti and Sri KL) ... and hope I could collect enough to give away to schools ... and visit orphanages to give them those story-books!!

Anyone volunteer to help me?