Saturday, August 01, 2015

It is AUGUST 2015 now

It is raining heavily here ... simply like weekends as I could slow-down ... do some readings and perhaps ... pen-down few lines here.

I shall begin with ... today is AUGUST.

There ... according to the CLSA chart ... JULY is the peak for KLCI. We shall see down-down till Sept. How is that to start our August?

Market aside ... lets talk about planning for August.

I m planning for a motivational-group. That should keep me moving ... and if I m not, few members there should do something to motivate each other. That is the aim/objective of the group ... to keep each other motivated ... about LIVING!!

Secondly, I m starting the futures-trading group ... in proper. Need to focus in that.

August 2008 ... I started this blog. So ... I m going to celebrate ... after 7 long years ... post #3140 ... and hundreds of hours blogging here. Haha ... perhaps, I will take a day off ... go somewhere far, alone ... and blog whole day!!

Then ... August, I will spend some money(and time) to make small renovation to my office and make it nice/cosy. I will also spend time there ... listening to songs or watching a movie!! Time to enjoy, man.

So ... after a year quit my full-time teaching job, I have stayed at home ... for too long. I have to be back to be active and motivated again. At times, we simply too comfortable .. once our ''needs'' taken care-of ... we becoming lazy .... zzzz ... So .. I decided to go to office, have a nice trading-table and tools ... and to stay focus in my trading. Yeah .. going to HKSE, which I m still bullish.

What else is the good about August?

Planning for my second tuition center? It is in my drawing board ... and needs to get it moving before I get too lazy again. Hope to get things finalised and starting it next year!! Just do it la ...

Time to go shopping ...


Thursday, July 30, 2015

To be great ... how?

Morning ... I m too busy to blog, actually .. zzz... dislike the word BUSY ... it is priority, actually. Is my BlogSpot a priority to me? Not really anymore ... I used to make a point to write a post everyday, without fail ... since 8th Aug 2008 ... for 5 years!! Until ... I m in KL ... getting busier with classes ... then, started trading-group (called tratles ... and site is ) and started my tuition-center biz ... I m as busy with the daily operations. So ... are those good excuses not to blog here? zzzz ... may be la ... wat to do, me time-management no good.

It is 11.50am ... lunch time soon, then classes and classes.

Last night I attended a market talk. BUY export-oriented stock, he said.


It is going to August soon ... I am going to start another new group which I called "8 to be great" ... it is a book-sharing group, where everyday I will try to post few quotes from the book which I m going to read. After that ... if successful, I will start another book-sharing group for STOCK TRADING next year.


If you are interested to join in(free la, of coz), to be motivated and together to be great ... you can add me in the facebook and I shall add u in the group. But ... I m going to delete those dormant, quiet, inactive, selfish, etc etc kind of people. Please do not join if you are those normal negative human. We have plenty of such people around. I need energy forming from the group.

Add me here :


There you are ... we are going to discuss topic-per-topic thru online e-meeting. I will READ the contents of the book and we all in the group have to make a commitment to attend, discuss and share!!

I have currently 17 members ... it is free, so I hv the rights to delete those irrelevant ones. Generally, only 20% succeed in anything ... so, I expect only about 4 of them left till the end of the year, to finish the book with me!! Then, I will call them out for a dinner to celebrate our months together and see if there is any POSITIVEness created from the group!! Those deleted ones ... well, they are just the normal 80%.


Passion to succeed in whatever we are doing ... if not, find that PASSION inside us. We have to last the pace ... might as well have to passion for it.

Need to plan the structure of the group, the rules and how to make all in the group to participate.

Let's start it ... maintain the PASSION ... go through the months of reading the book and be GREAT.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday's blah blah

Saturday noon ... just finished a tuition class. This morning I was ''free'' as the class cancelled. So, I spend some time with my two active kids ... went to gym (to work on my six-pack ... now is one-pack, growing in diameter) and playground.

My Saturday will be packed again ... with more tuition classes in line. So, I do not know when will be my next cohort-18(trading workshop). Market sentiment is not good ... so, many might be losing money too ... so, it is difficult to promote trading-workshop. So ... I prefer to focus in my tuition-classes.

There are many going-ons ... and updates needed but I am simply too lazy/busy to blog.

chess : I m more excited than my boy ... sending him for classes/coaching. Haha.

Liverpool : From the way they played for pre-seasons ... they could not challenge the top 3 ... again. Too bad that we Liverpool's fans have to endure another year. LS and RS left ... Stevie left too ........ Balo ... err ... is he still playing for Liverpool?

The Edge : Being suspended ... no comment. zzzz

WMT : Joined second meeting last night for dinner. We are forming a group (under guidance of Peter Yee) ... to alert each other of using our whole-mind thinking process. According to Peter, it will help me in my trading too ... reduce using my logical mind and let the sub-conscious mind work!! I will try ... : I have tried to write stock-analysis there ... but ... time again, I forgotten.

MYR : Hitting new low again ... are we really seeing RM4 (vs USD) and RM3 (vs SGD)? Sigh ... USD-index going to hit 100 again ... a breakout is possible. Should we change our cash into SGD instead? Open a bank account with Singapore's bank?

Crude Oil : Went below USD50 again ... so, we should see cheaper petrol-price next month, right?

SOY : Dived further to 30.55 yesterday ... and we shall see CPO to retrace further. Will we be seeing CPO to go below 2000 level?

Gold : At low ... USD1100 level now, and a report pointing gold-price to dive to USD800. Will you buy gold (no dividend yield ... it not for hedging, not for investing leh).

Are we in commodities crisis level soon?

Nasdaq's PER is 30? I thought ........ it was 22 level?

HKSE : Yes ... I m moving into more of HKSE as it is cheapest valuation there. Many large companies are trading with single PER. We all should too ... in fact, I will want to have a public talk next week or so ... and guide some who may be interested to invest in HKSE. There is a limited upside in KLCI ... more space for HSI.

I need to rest ... have a nice weekend. Thanks for dropping by to read my blah-blah. Hehe.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Re-charge into August






I will want to write more about these .. but due to strict time schedule ... I will post these for a sharing first. Will elaborate further ... in time allows.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

After RAYA post

It has been awhile since my last post ... it was RAYA holiday, so ... kinda busy.

I have been checking on my progress ... or lag of it, actually. So ... taken time off.

Raya : Selamat be-lated RAYA to readers.

Charity : Two of my tratles helped me(thanks!) in my yearly raya-charity this year. We went a week before RAYA to visit the Rawang home, which I adopted. It is 4th year I am there now. We donated RM2k of items. I still have these in my long term plan ... wait till I m free? In the mean-time, do it small and whenever we feel like it.

ToastMaster : Attended my last meeting last night ... this is first ''casualty" .. I have let it go as I have e-learning started this month. It is tiring to rush from tuition classes, market-closing ... to attend the TM meeting and then have to leave half-way, rush home for the e-meeting? So ... I will drop the TM till my e-learning ends in NOV.

e-learning : Had my session #3 last night ... talking about 3M in trading : Mindset, Management and Methods. Those still wish to join my e-meeting (Tuesday), do contact me.

HKSE : Welcome to Hong-Kong ... gate to China. As I was saying ... I am moving some funds to HKSE ... buy-to-hold. zzzz

Chess : Reviving back the interest ... started to play with my boy. Let him learn ... and compete in U12.

Liverpool : Not so impressive in OZ ... now they are in KL.

back to trading ... nothing much in post-Raya. Still quiet ... zzzz

KLCI is quiet ... except for furniture and some pennies.

Homeriz : Took Homeriz 1.06-1.07 yesterday after quiet from trading for a while. It shown momentum in morning ... breakout 1.08 successfully. Well ... Hevea and Evergreen in crazy-buying mode. So ... Homeriz followed. Bought more at 1.13 this morning ... wanting to sell 1.21, but hit 1.20 ... down-down ... so, I asked the group to SELL. Sold all 1.13-1.15.

PoHuat : I always like lagging counters ... dislike to chase with others. So, I bought 2.42-2.44 closing yesterday, and today it breakout of 2.45. Hold.

Gloves : This is another sector that is doing well ... Kossan breakout again today to new high. I bought. Hold ...zzzz

Today is 22/7 = pi day .... my little gal is 7.

So ... time to rest and bring her kai-kai tonight. haha.

Thanks for reading ... I will try to find the momentum to blog again, may be.



Monday, July 13, 2015

ChinaA50 and HSI

ChinA50-c6 : This is just one of the call-warrants many retailers punting into.

HSI : This is Hang Seng Index ... in case many are punting into those HSI-cw (CW = call-warrants such as HSI-cv) and HSI-pw ( PW = put-warrants such as HSI-hd).

I do see the craziness in punting into these call- or put- warrants.

I am bullish in HSI ... and bullish in China-tech stocks. So, I have mentioned that I m moving funds into that ... buy-n-hold. Tonight's meeting I will share about HK and China stocks I have interests in and also ... about these call/put.

e-learning : I have started first session of e-learning (July to Nov ... 5 months duration) last Tuesday. This is for those wish to learn thru online, at the comfort of your home ... but longer as it is dynamic and difficult to squeeze in all contents in 1.5hours per session. But ... I will guide from the very basic about trading.

If one wishes to join me in person, you may attend my 8 hours trading workshop (Sat and Sun).

cohort-18 : This weekend, Raya weekend ... I will have my trading workshop as I have delayed the June's batch. Luckily they could understand that I was not available to have the workshop last month(due to my father-in-law). So ... this is to inform to those interested to learn technical-charting and indicators .... and plan for trading.

contact me at 012-821 0129 or e-mail

Time to go .... as market is recovering now.


Wednesday, July 08, 2015

SELLDOWN : Crude Oil

After the Greece selldown, last night we do see selldown in crude-oil(minus 3%). So ... KLCI dived today morning ... FKLI minus 25 at the moment.

BUY CALL for FGV by our PM

"Do not be unduly worried as Felda will do the necessary to make sure it does better. Felda shares will go up. It has all the potential for this.

sigh. Those FGV settlers still trust him?

SOY down to 31.40 level now. The selldown is not only in China-bubble-bursting. HSI is down 1000 points again after that day selldown of 1000points.

This was that day ... I captured the nice number 888 points.

This is HSI this morning ...

AirAsia broken 1.43 low ... I do remember I bought 1.50 and shown here ... then sold off 1.60 above. If I do not sell ... today is 1.32 now. Will you buy AirAsia at current level?

With the further weakening in MYR, will you still buy KLSE's stocks? So ... I have to move to HKSE as HSI's PE is half of KLCI's. Interesting ... talking about valuation.

I have shared my idea of investing in HKSE with some of my tratles during our monthly meeting. Most are not interested as fear (of not knowing) is there. So ... let us see if my analysis is right, say in 1-2 yrs time.

This is China-Mobile. It is dropping another 5% today ... at HKD90 level now.

So ... if you want to look for valuation, checkout HKSE. If you wish to know more, then come for my e-meeting ... as I m going to have one soon, for those interested to move their depleting MYR into HKD.

e-learning : I hv started my first session last night. good ... and this morning, showing them LIVE about AirAsia. Some are newbies ... so, they will learn from real-time prices and what to check etc etc. If anyone still wish to join me, you are welcomed. Every Tuesday night, 9.30pm.

Time for fetching my girl from school ... and have two tuition classes later.