Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Trades : July

Some of trades so far ...  for JULY

I have said to record my done trades in but ... I am still more comfortable with my blog here. It has been with me for almost 6 years now.

Affin : It was a good trade ... bought below RM3.30 ... but I sold when it hit 20MA. Ok ... that WAS good as it retraced ... after 2 weeks later or so, it started to rally above 20MA and I missed her!! The M&A news of CIMB-RHB-MBSB pushing Affin into play(check out TA too) and how I could miss ... as I think I was focusing in many others. Nevertheless, when it was hitting RM3.60plus, that will be a sell as 'shooting star' black-candle shown. I will use this chart as example to show my trading-workshop today(later).

Benalec : This did not work as I seen it ... to breakout of RM1.20 ... thinking of ascending triangle forming, a breakout in the making (just like how I caught Inari and PMetal before they broke-out). So, Benalec is one of my losing trade for July. Well, July been a good month for me as I m no longer running from classes to classes and could focus. I do have high 80% good trades so far, touch wood.

Note : I do not have Affin or Benalec ... many in hands, so I will not trade them for the time being.

BJCorp : One moment it shot up from 47cents to 54cents ... due to the Bkt Tinggi casino news(perhaps) ... then, dive all the way back to 47cents ... formed a hammer with high volume. I bought 48.5(I think) and sold 51cents two days later for few free dinners. Again, I do not know why it is rebounded ... I do know this is a VT's counter, we have profits ... we need to run. Will it be back to the low 47cents? We shall watch ... as I will put her back in my list once it hit 47cents again.

Hovid : This is another penny stock I am trading. Still holding her tight at 41cents(bought back) and see how high it could shoot ... Hovid is given in RHB-OSK's top 30 jewel list. That is a nice bullish engulfing, and will use this chart as example when I am showing my new cohort-12 about candle-sticks reading. I do have Hovid-wb too. We bought Hovid-wb at 19cents level and sold when it shot up high ... now we are talking about 40cents level? What a bull ... it is overbought, so I have to let go of her soon.

Penny stocks : I have exited Opensys, EForce, L&G, Sealink and more.

PMetal : This is one of a very good trade. It is a very strong breakout ... and I bought back yesterday morning when I saw it breaking RM4.50. I bought 4.52-4.54 ... see if it could go to RM4.80 on Monday ... well, seeing the breakout, I grabbed PMetal-wc at market RM2.70 too. Then, I bought PMetal-ca at closing price 22.5cents. Well ... PMetal ... gogogo?

Here is a sample of my posting in my closed group.

This was posted in 2nd July. Buying at support, sell at resistance strategy.

We can see that 0.545 is a strong support ... each time when it hit 0.545, it rebounded to 0.585 ... so, some of my members bought 0.545-0.55 ... but I asked them to sell 0.585 ... it hit high 0.60 .... if not, now back to 0.565. As I place time-frame 1-2weeks, that is for short-term traders. I do have trades for 1-3 month-time. i do have 'long term' such as SPSetia when I asked the group to buy-hold below RM3. Now ... err .. SPSetia at RM3.60(I sold yesterday ... to go for something else).

SPSetia ... will buyback ...

Last month .... I shown the group again after it broken RM3.08 resistance. RM3.40 is SELL half, yesterday is the time to take profits ... after months collecting below RM3. One moment, some funds sell-down her ... one moment stated Liew and gang left, next moment telling us SPSetia is dying soon without Liew(and asked retailers to buy Ecoworld = SPSetia2) ... those noises around is deafening. Being a contrarian is right again, to buy SPSetia when no one interested. So, today I will share in my trading workshop ... why we need to do the opposite of what majority doing. We do not need noises but we could use those noises ... and do the opposite. It is easier said than done.

MRCB ... sold 1.78 and I want her back at RM1.64, but yesterday it hit RM1.65 ... rebounded to 1.70 level. Missed again but a fraction.

Tambun ... posted recently.

Property counters in play ... I missed Asiapac tho I posted to the group. But, I took PJDev and PJDev-wc ... many took Tambun and Tambun-wa which are doing well too. It is a bull-running, many stocks showing breakout and new high.

Petdag still fails to rebound ... perhaps I will need to clear her off for something else. AEON retraced too ... few of my non-performing stocks for July.

Got to go for classes and seeing my cohort-12 this noon. As most of them in my stock-watch group, they will slowly know how I traded.

For those wish to join my trading group, do contact me or add me at

have a nice weekend as DOW closed 100+ points. So, I will be drinking

today ...


Friday, July 18, 2014

Post #2829

This morning is another sad day for Malaysians ... MH17 reported to be shot-down. 295 on board. Really sad ... after the missing MH370 case.

My mind not working ... but I have been too busy to write, many things happening and I still have so many un-settled things to deal with. I am no longer rushing to college in the morning, writing this post at home ... but, seriously ... I think I have more things to do than when I have a full-time teaching job.

Yes ... I am back home ... more involve in things happening around home. Home is where I want to be.

Ok ... let me start my blah-blah for the week/month.

World Cup : It is over ... Germany won. So, discount for the German-made headphone. Might want to grab one. I did not really follow the whole tournament after England lost. I supported Liverpool's players ... not England, actually. Suarez done his biting stunt again, and moved to Barca. So, Liverpool will be without Suarez. They lost their first pre-season game(second string).

Well, if the father really bet all his education fund ... he is rich now!!

Liverpool : New season ... awaiting.

College : I have NOT exited college as I hv 5 missing library books and an exit interview to attend. Seriously, this is urgent ... but I still could not get myself to settle it!! arrghhh ...

Dental : For past one month, I have been trying to 'solve' my gigi problems. I admit that I do not brush teeth as frequent as I should and simply done the task. So, the problems propping up ... and I have tooth-ache. Done with the root-canal ... now, I have to do a bridge. These will take me another 1-2 months to be settled. Hmm ...

Knee Injury : Recently, I was excited and joined bowling competition ... yeah ... finally, after years!! Unfortunately ... after a good first game, I injured my knee(I am a right-hand bowler, so, it is the left knee) ... sigh. I have been grounded for a month ... and now is recovering, but still could not do heavy activities such as ....

Jogging : Have to give-up the jog for a month now. I do not know when I could be back to running ... perhaps I could think of 'cycling', instead.

CUTE : I have dropped the idea of taking this exam, to be licenced to sell UT and also able to promote 'EPF' withdrawal for investment in KLSE. It didnt serve me well as I do not believe in UT, but was thinking of promoting those with EPF(giving 5-6% which is good, ok?) to invest in KLSE? KLCI at high ... so, it is NOT time to do such ... it is better to put cash in EPF at current moment.

Module 6-7 : It is possible for me to consider taking this exam instead. But, again ... I am not interested to be remisier and doing all those selling, paperwork etc etc. But, well ... take the exam, see how next time ... if I am to be in stock-broking line? Anyone interested to employ me? hmm ...

Four trolleys ...

Charity : It is Raya time again ... my third year of having the Raya-charity drive, contributed by some of kind trading members, one of them helped me last Sunday. Feeling great. This is the address of the place ...and I have adopted the home for 3 years now. So, I will interview the 'management' and will create more awareness. Three years ago, they were in very 'poor' state ... but now, I think they are doing well now ... so, I m going to move on to find a poorer homes which need attention and help. Yes, I want to be used as a platform to create awareness ... and help these homes ... doesn't matter Malay, Chinese or Indians? Write to me ( if u know any poor homes that need attention. thanks.

Tuition : Classes going on well ... more classses now, with my nights occupied too. I have blocked my Sundays. No classes on Sunday as I wish to rest and spend time with family.

Trading : Have been actively trading, and doing good. This morning sold SPSetia, and bought the bearish Airport. PMetal and Presbhd moving to new high too. Trading becoming short-term.

Stock Watch : July is a new group now ... few new members. Doing good.

Funds : Consolidating my funds. Needing at least another 2-3 weeks to make the adjustments, calculations etc etc.

Cohort-12 : I had a trading workshop last week, mix of experienced traders and newbies. Well, I do need to advertise for my next workshop, planning in Penang end of next month? Will see how ...

Sherlyn : My little girl is six soon but still could not able to talk. She is 'slow' in her developments. So, I am still not sure if she could go for usual Std 1 or home-schooling? OKU school is out. Yeah ... will be busy looking for suitable home-school for her.

Center : My tuition center giving me another stress, as the issue-ing of licence is pending for approval. It has dragged on for months ... into years now. Anyone could help? I wont mind paying, of coz.

In-law : My mom-in-law will be in town today, till after Raya. Will need to re-schedule my time to bring her to places.

KK : Going to Sabah end of year ... perhaps, can meet up with some readers/followers there?

And it is time to go ... lunch and classes again.

Prayers for MH17 ...


Sunday, July 13, 2014

The importance of Share Price by KYY

Morning ... was quite happy with my teaching yesterday.

Module 1 : Sharing with them the fact that 80% of those in market is losing or lost money in markets. To be in the 20%, we have to do what others not doing. For example ... reading good trading-investment books and reading those articles that will enrich ourselves. Not much of indicators needed .. reading of price-volume actions, reading some fundamental news of companies ...

yes, the price of the stocks is very important. Here i am glad KYY written about such great article. Thanks, Uncle Koon.

Koon Yew Yin

After having being a company director for a long time and having read hundreds of analyst and company annual reports in search for good public listed shares for investment, I think I have some knowledge and experience to share with you. I hope this article will benefit all investors and I also hope company directors can get some ideas to create more value for their shareholders.

The price of a share is indeed an interesting item. It had brought joy to many and brought tears to just as many, if not more, investors.

There is a classical saying ‘good management produces good share price and bad management produces bad share price’. When you select a share to buy, you expect to gain from the dividend and the appreciation of the share price; both of which are important catalyst to move share price.

Share price is an indicator about the health of the company. Increased profits, for example, will drive the stock price up; excessive debt, for example, will drive it down.

The share price has a profound effect on the company overall: for example, a declining share price will make it hard to secure credit, attract further investors, build partnerships, etc. Also, when employees are often holding stock options, a declining share price can severely dampen morale. In an extreme case, if the share price plummets too far, the company can be delisted from the stock market.

It is every clever businessman’s dream to list his company in the stock market to get more capital to expand his business. An initial public offering (IPO) is the way most companies get their shares traded in the stock market.

However, companies often go to market again and again to issue/sell more shares, after their IPO to raise more money to expand their operation. A clever way is to issue rights to buy the share together with bonus and free warrants which would encourage more investors to buy their shares, thus pushing the original share price higher.

Besides these secondary offerings, some smart companies issue shares to acquire land, factories or competitors to expand their operations to benefit shareholders. Unfortunately I seldom see companies making use of the advantage of their listed status which is like having a license from Bank Negara to print dud notes.

Why don’t they take advantage of this privilege of printing dud notes to acquire assets more often?#

When a company goes back to the market to raise additional funds for expansion, the share price of the company's existing shares that are being traded is a good indicator of what they may expect to get for a secondary offering of shares.

To get the same amount of money, a company with a higher share price will require to issue less number of shares than another company with a lower share price bearing in mind that all the new issues will dilute existing shares of the company. Also, consider corporate acquisitions: When one company wants to buy another, instead of the transaction being entirely in cash, there is often an equity component, which involves swapping shares of the company being acquired for new shares in the acquiring company or merged company. In that case, the values of the shares in the public marketplace also matter, to provide relative valuations for the companies, etc .

We often see examples of many companies where corporate exercises can sometimes undermined the value of share price, especially in cases where a company's profit growth is challenged. In situation like this, it shows that management is unable to make use of the funds raised to increase future earnings vis-a-vis the value of the business, leading to a destruction in shareholders's value where the dilution outweighs any advantages.

The importance of share price will therefore be valid provided the following conditions apply:

1. The business in question must in the first place be a well run business with consistent profit growth where the increase in share price is in alignment with the increase in the value of the business.

2. Any corporate exercises undertaken by leveraging on the "share price" (underlying value of the business) will be advantageous in increasing shareholders' value provided that the potential increase in the value of the business outweighs the dilution impact of the corporate exercise. (This is where management's expertise and judgement comes in. Very often, the entrepreneurial type of management has the ability to conjure up deals that tend to increase the business value more than the dilution impact, leading to an increase in shareholders's value. This is because entrepreneurs are instinctively able to see the "wood from the tree " and are able to make decisions that effectively increase shareholders' value. Education and qualification are helpful but not a pre-requisite to be enterprising.

If these two conditions are met, all good management should, in my opinion make full use and take advantage of its share price to grow and expand the business. The ability to use the share price or value of the business to finance the growth of the business is always an option that should be explored as long as the exercise can improve shareholders' value. Failing to do so is akin to not optimizing the resources at management's disposal to act in the best interest of the company.

Bear in mind that when you select shares you should not be unduly impressed with higher educational qualification of the members of the Boards. There are some CEOs with very impressive university degrees cannot perform and yet shareholders cannot remove them because of their controlling share holdings.

Good companies invariably have good businessmen or entrepreneurs as directors. Clever businessmen do not necessarily have tertiary qualifications e.g. Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay of YTL, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong of Genting and Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow of Public Bank.

have a nice Sunday.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Trading Workshop

Good morning ... I have shown this clip before. The speaker is an author of trading-book who emphasized on "Trading Plans" and his book is highly recommended by me to my tratles.

Today I will have a trading workshop(cohort 12) and I am still charging so cheaply. I believe in education ... sharing and learning. Then, we work on the fact that we knew ... putting aside what we do not.

There is always a debate on the use of FA vs TA. Everyone has their own opinions, different trading set-up and more. So ... as I have retired from my full-time teaching job, I will try to find some time to blog, to write in my facebook( CP's Trading Adventure ... slowly, moving my blog there) ... and have some trading workshop for those who wish to learn about trading. Yes, I do not use many indicators, as the emotion and trading plan is much more important that those indicators/oscillators.

I do use price-volume actions. Some called in VSA(Volume Spread Analysis) ... and to me, that is important. Candle-sticks reading is essential in any trading set-up. The chart-patterns ... support-resistance. Guess those are important ... then only think of RSI/ADX or MACD.

Planning before we trade ... doing some home-work behind it, that is more important. So, if u do not understand many of those jargons or indicators ... and trading well, do not worry. Do what is working, re-fine and re-define them. Move on ...

A looong interesting day for me as I am meeting many new faces today in my trading workshop today!! Many are them already in my stock-watch group, and that will help them to understand how I take a trade.

have a nice weekend ahead.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Axiata : Voices of Asia

A great clip to share :)


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Breakout Play

Hovid-wb : While we collected at 19-19.5 cents level, waited for a month ... suddenly it shot up!! I sold part at 23.5 ... and today, I want t sell at 26.5 cents ... can I keep till 30 cents?

Inari-wa : I sold today 2.93 and 2.98 in the morning. I have shown Inari breakout in play before it breakout (click here and it is really such a strong run. Many bought Inari and Inari-wa.

VS : This was discussed in our tratles meeting a month or so ago. Recently it breakout of RM1.63 level after reported good profits. Then, short profit-taking ... and from no where ... it shot up to RM1.90!! I managed to sell 1.82 and 1.88.

Watch-out for more of such breakout as during bull-markets, it wil be good to catch those potential breakout!

Do join my facebook group :

For those who wish to join my trading workshop, it will be on this Saturday. Do contact me at

Thanks and have a nice trade ahead.


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

KLCI at new high

KLCI hitting new high this morning ... moving above 1892. So, we shall be seeing 1900 level. Once it moves above 1900, it will be over-bought again. Time to go back to short FKLI.

You dont know what you got until it is gone ...

Ok, time to fetch my girl ... and have nice lunch with family.