Friday, February 05, 2016

From RHB to Maxis

RHB : My blue-chip funds was inside RHBCap ... on the day it surged, the timing was just right to released most of my funds (profit taking) to jump into telcos. I have started to nibble into Axiata and Maxis then ... and didn't expect them to dive further ... Maxis was at a point minus 10%(buy during cheap sales la).

Maxis : This was last Friday ... Thu it dived ... given us opportunities. You need to know why it dived, ok? Doesn't make sense ... it dived 8% on Friday and I started to collect ... all the way to the tip-low. The great thing I have done was to release the funds from RHB and moved into Maxis  ...decision made in matter of minutes!! In 10-20mins time ... I am already managed to sell most RHB  and stacking into Maxis (Axiata done too).

I might want to document it ... for sharing experiences purposes. Still feel daze ... wonder what hit me when I was so ... alert. Many of times, I m slow in re-acting.

Apply the fear is BUY ... my BIMB is doing well now. Bought BIMB on Wed, and top-up yesterday ... today it is doing well.

BIMB : Rebounding well above RM3.40 at the moment.

Will write more details ... about the recent selldown in Telco ... rare opportunities.

Got to go ...


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Stock Watch : Maxis and Axiata

Maxis : When the three telcos down (thanks to our PM mini-adjustments), I liked Maxis the most ... bought all the way down with average Rm5.75. Prepare another huge chunk in case it dives lower ... but ...err ... it did not.

Sold part RM5.95 ... then yesterday morning was in red due to bad market sentiment. I bought back and more at average RM5.84.

Today ... thanks for oil-rebound and good market sentiment, I just sold ALL my holdings at RM6.07-RM6.10, and pointing to members to SELL around RM6.15 resistance and say ... TQ for the CNY trade.

At the press-time (LOL) ... it is trading at RM6.12.

Good luck ... these are rare opportunities.

Axiata : Managed to grab at the tip with average at RM5.48 ... but sold her the next day at RM5.78.

At press-time ... it is at RM5.77 now.

Have a nice CNY break ...


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Telcos : Rebounded today

Axiata : Bought all the way down to RM5.29 done, the tip low last Friday was RM5.27(I was queueing to buy more at RM5.25 not done). It closed with a long tail doji and I added before market closed. Today .... shot up ... sell RM5.78 but it hit RM5.90. Wat a strong rebound for my short technical-rebound play.


Maxis : I am heavier into Maxis as last Friday, I bought all the way down to the tip(it dived 10% in a day ... how can la?) Today, I released some at RM5.95 done and selling off tmr RM6.20 level and say thanks to the 'bad-news' announcements.

Digi also rebounded but I do not buy into Digi. I was hoping Maxis will dive further today .... but it did not.

O&G : I have to sell all the O&G counters today as oil-price is reversing ... hitting USD30 now. Sold my Armada, SKPetrol and Alam for profits.

Perisai : This one is the best trade of all my O&G as I sold her off last Friday at resistance 28.5cents (collected around 24.5 cents)

For those wish to join my e-learning are welcomed. I will be having my 3rd session tmr night(every Wednesday 9pm to 10.30pm). It is thru online and 'live' discussion on HOW and WHY. That is the best way of learning.

Those wish to join my stock-watch group, to check on the trades I m taking are welcomed too.

Contact : 012-821 0129 or e-mail

Trade at own risk.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stock Watch : Telco-counters

While I was bullish in O&G 1-2 weeks again as it hit USD28 ... being a contrarian, I told all why I like O&G the most. So ... I jumped into O&G counters ... holding three counters at the moment. Adding and averaging-up tmr ...

So ... as I written a little about SKPetrol which I bought (will add if above RM1.70 tmr ... which is likely as crude-oil just jumped to be above USD33 (hit 34plus)) ... let me talk about the DIVING stocks.

Wanting to write about Gloves-counters ... reserved that for weekend. Wanting to write about overly played export-counters .... many will hold to the down trending now. Next time ... today, we talk about the so-called revised budget ... and hitting TELCO hard ...

wow ...Axiata, Maxis and Digi ... shot down to support.

Axiata ...

Digi ...

Maxis ...

Which one should I take tmr? Hmm ... difficult decision ... haha.

Thanks for the opportunities ... join me in my stock-watch group.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Talk of the week : OIL

OIL dipped below USD28 ... twice cheaper than milk (haha) and went below the price of the SOY-futures I m tracking!!

BUT ... what a rebound last Friday ... shot up from USD28 to USD32 ... wow. Currently it is trading around USD31.

So ... we shall see short-term speculation on O&G counters ... leads by SKPetrol(see chart above).

The smaller ones such as Perisai and KNM will be hot-ly debated as good punts? Or perhaps ... betting on "bungaraya" to find some oil?

Hibiscus : Low at 13cents, closed 16cents ... if one is holding at RM1.60 ... we could never be able to recover! Taking it as a painful lesson not to invest in SPAC ... move-on.

Even buying Perisai at RM1.00 level ... will lose us a lot. Yes, I have been moving away from O&G since it dropped below USD80 ... and now, it is time to check on them as I do think the whole sector being sold-down ... overly done. Someone keep pointing to USD20 ... yelling a SELL. It is time to be contrarian.

Perisai : MOved back above 24cents ... using 23cents as cut-loss, it is punting time. BUY 24-25cents ... ok for the risk.

Will have e-meeting around 9.30pm with trading members later and the hot-stocks will be from OnG.

Very OnG ... for 2016.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last Call : e-learning

KLCI : Formed a hammer yesterday and I have a long e-meeting last night checking on many charts with trading members. I started to buy yesterday and on buying-spree today. Longed FKLI yesterday is doing very well now. If you are interested, join me in my stock-watch group (one may trial for a month)

Attention : I am going to start a new batch of e-learning (of basic technical analysis) as cheap/affordable rate. One needs to have the passion to learn ... about real "live" trading!!

Teaching mode : online e-meeting

Day : Every Wednesday

Time : 9pm to 10.30pm

Duration : 5 months (4 x 5 = 20 sessions)

Contact : or 012-821 0129

Hope ore will want to learn how to trade well. And yes ... one does not learn from few hours/days for workshop costing thousands of ringgit (don't kid yourself) ... but to go thru 5 long months with me, asking questions about trading!! That is the best way of real-live learning to trade, understand?

By the way, I was a teacher ... so, I do understand 'education' on how we all learn best. It is not whatever being shouted out there!! Be real ... welcome to real trading.

Hope to hear from more.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

The BIG short

Morning from KLIA2 ... flying off to KK in an hour time.

Starbuck ... choco(caramel) costing RM14.30 (exclusing GST of 81cents). Owned by Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd.

BJCorp : The mommy of Berjaya Group ... trading at low 35cents. Do not be mis-led by the fact of 35cents is 'cheap'. Someone mentioned in forum that it is under-valued when it was trading around 50cents above. So, that makes ... at 35cents, it is extremely under-valued. With DOW diving at the moment, we shall visit her at 30cents or below?

Gardenia bread ... check which company behind that product ... is the company listed in KLSE(or other foreign markets?) ... that is what a street-smart investors should be doing ... check the sales, ask about friends' opinions ...

So ... are we prepared for market crash? Yes? No?

I watch 'The Big Short' last night ... alone. I was so interested with market crashes that I will buy the DVD and ask some of tratles to watch together soon!! So ... I am into futures-trading ... for the very reason that I could SHORT FKLI if market is crashing.

Anyway, the ticket (RM20) is over-priced ... I don't watch movie in cinema, it cost me MONEY ... which could be used as my CAPITAL ... to trade and lose ... but gain EXPERIENCES ... and waiting for greater opportunities with know-how + experiences to gain hugely!!

At the moment, I m learning to do day-trading using FCPO as an instrument. FKLI is a good instrument to hedge against our stocks.

Are we ready?? Seriously ... do you think market is crashing soon? 2016?

Lets the countdown begin ...