Friday, September 19, 2014

KLCI rebounded

KLCI rebounded from support 1840.

Scicom : Just for those chart-nexus members, I sold Scicom today. Do note.

FGV : Rebounded today ... collect.

VS : Breakout ... buy la.

It is a bull-day .... yeah ...


Stock Watch : FGV

Since listed in 2012, this is the dividend given by FGV. For 2014, total dividend is 16cents. It is trading at RM3.50 level now.

This is the weekly chart since listed. It is obvious that it is way below the IPO price now. If not mistaken, it jumped 20% during the first 1-2 weeks it was listed. All the Felda workers no longer working ... but happily jumping up with the price of FGV's stock.

This is a daily chart, showing new low everyday ... we can start to buy in stages(catching a knife?) or wait for reversal signals.

I do know that CPO is trading at low-range now ... but, why is there such a strong selling in FGV? I wonder ...

Time for bottom fishing?


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Updates : Scicom and DRB

Scicom : What a good run ... hitting 1.62 today. It was at 1.40 when I told those chart-nexus members to buy Scicom as that is easier to trade, using indicators. Dividend 2cents taken.

There is another counter I mentioned to them, DRB. Buy DRB ... was at 2.20, cut-loss 2.10 ... if it dives further. DRB hit 2.32, before correcting to 2.24 today. I sold half at 2.29, to take profits and buyback.

Those who went for chart-nexus traders meeting are those who attended their technical trading course. I do not believe in using many of the indicators or more lines in my charts. Simple basic ones as guidance ... afterall, those indicators are mathematically calculated. Price-volume actions could be used more effectively in counters such as DRB or Scicom, rather than PUC etc etc.

I told that to the speaker/trainer that day ... we need to know the stories behind the stock-movements as we have 1000 stocks. To trade well, we do need to plan ... and know why we are buying into the counters.

Well ... don't know when I will be attending another chart-nexus meeting again. I rarely free on Saturdays.

By the way, I am planning a trading workshop next Sat-Sun. I prefer to teach basic technical ... and more on the planning(money, risk management ... market psychology etc).

Just hope I could attend another meeting or market-talk next month.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Get out of E : easier said than done.

It is Monday ... yes, Monday blues for me as Liverpool lost. Sigh.

School holidays ... and it is time to bring kids to jalan-jalan and play-play. I do still hv classes, tho I hv left my full-time teaching job. Students will be going for their final exams ... so, still kinda busy with classes.

Yes, I bought this book ... I do like the books written by the author, not because she shared same surname as me ... but, her easy-reading books are 'funny'.

Dollars and sense book ... for those interested to know how to be 'kiam-siap'. Another very kiam-siap book is by CAP(go google it).

I am going to meet her ... and ask for signatures. Yes ... I do support local authors. Writing a book? Me?? Err ... no, thank you. I like writing this blog ... un-structured, un-planned ... no restrictions(well, there are many fine lines that I need to toe ... such as, I wont like to comment on politics in Malaysia, nanti kena sedition-act la ... or I could not comment on those speculative counters, nanti kena shoot by runners leh).

Ok ... put those politics aside ... and those stock-market comments away.

We shall plan on where to go for a break? If no where better, I know I will end-up at Sepang Goldcoast again. That is my hiding place.

Yeah ... leaving my full-time job is a good choice, tho I m slowly adjusting to the ''missing of classroom teaching''. The workload was tremendous for the meagre pay. The amount of paperwork could easily drowning me.

Each time my kids having holiday, we do not. The holiday schedules for college and primary-schools is different. Some private colleges require the lecturers to take leave even if they do not have classes to teach. It is not true to say teachers have lots of holidays. For private colleges, you may ask me for further details. We have to mark papers during that so-called holiday period. Most of the time, we will be more stress than normal teaching days!! Thinking back, it scared me off ... and luckily, my ''dream'' of leaving my full-time job ... fulfilled.

The E-quadrant that I have learnt ... the E-S-B-I ? Yes, when I was in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah ... in 2007 ... I read about it and plan to leave E quadrant. So, I moved back to KL ... and escaped the E recently.

Write down the pros-cons of being employed(E) and being self-employed(S). Plan on it ... I gave myself 5 years to be able to do that. I took 4.5 years of being back in KL ... slightly earlier than my plan of 5 years. I couldn't take the stress thrown to me anymore in the colleges .. besides the pulling factors. It is more free to be able to just give tuition(Maths) and having a more flexible working hours. I am fully into S now ... S = self-employed. We still need to work, exchanging our TIME = MONEY. To me, I like S rather than E.

I could do my own work, at my own pace. I could listen to songs!!

I believe many employed will like to come out from there ... venturing into S or B. While I m moving into B(my tuition centers), I am still very much into S. It will takes me another 5 years(my goal la) to be able to let go of my S fully ... and fully into B, while my I-quadrant will give me passive income. Then, hopefully ... if I m still around, I could be financially free.

To be financial free ... it just means we have more than our expenses, even if we do not need to ''work'' anymore. I m still have long way to go ... but taken the first very important step ... get out of E(unless one is highly paid, above RM15k per month ... with monthly expenses RM5k ... in my opinion).

I have my mind set ... use much lesser than we earn. Frugal, if u want to put it that way. I used to be an idiot(used more than earn). Haha ...

So ... if one wishes to escape the E ... start with being ''frugal'' (kiam-siap ... I m not, actually. haha). MUST clear off all debt(credit-cards, personal loans).

ok ... this is what I have done ... I could only share what I have done(right or wrong).

Step 1 : Must willing to work hard, while learning a skill.

I was broke. I was teaching in KK. I was new in KLSE. 2008. I worked hard(college plus tuition, everyday till nights). I learned to analyse fundamentals of companies, I learned technical-charting. Market 2009 recovering well, great profits ... and been continuing to learn the skill. Now, the trading skill becoming so valuable.

Step 2 : Pay all high interest loans, and start saving. Be frugal.

Uproot from KK. Came back to KL, to learn more. Increase tuition-classes. Continue to be very frugal. Start to pay off my credit-cards(got 3 of them) ... and cleared all 2 years ago. Cleared personal loans too. Took a personal loan of 6% p.a, put inside my trading account. Profit more, continue to put the saving(surplus) into trading accounts.

Step 3 : Invest in ourselves. Invest.

Went to trading courses, workshops, market talks to learn. Continue to learn and invest in myself. Met many good experienced traders and shared opinions. Continue to do that. Invest in ourselves is a must but never pay thousands for those so-called professional courses. I went to few 'sifus' and find them MUCH better than those thousand-dollars courses. Learn FA ... learn TA. Invest in myself.

to be continued, may be.

Ok .. time for lunch ... back home to play with kids, take a nap ... and check market again.


Sunday, September 14, 2014


I was searching for "stillness" ... and chosen this simple photo. Guess I like the "water" ... the lake. Observing my mind ... my liking and preference ... I could only think that I am the only person to understand myself. Me.

To understand ourselves ... as we all might have read, is the first step we could have a happier life, a more meaningful lives ... we should understand ourselves. That is ... deep.

If we could not understand our-own-selves, how are others going to understand us? We could always look for external sources, someone to understand us, but it is never out there. It is inside us. We have to explore our own needs, our own desires ... our purposes. No one could ever understand us ... more than ourselves.

Asking ourselves ... why are we in stock-markets? WHY? Because we thought we could profit ... earning some money there ... or even, we could get rich?

We do need to ask a basic question on why we are in stock-market when we read that the statistics showing that 80% of them lost/losing money? What makes us the 20%? We could always be confident that we are not the same as those losers(in markets) as we are smarter, wiser ... or whatever.

Understanding our own risk-appetite is another very essential in trading or investing. We may not know what it is to lose money in markets. Many of times we learn it the hard way. We wont listen to those so-called more experienced ones ... as we thought we are different(and smarter). So, we do not view risk as what others see it ... yes, we all are different and have different risk-appetite. If we take those high-risk speculative counters(stocks without much fundamentals and purely being pushed up/down for operators to earn huge money in shortest of time) ... then, it will be OK if we know our risk-appetite.

I still feel that understanding one-self is very much needed and we are all lacking in such. I could not claim that I have fully understood myself, but I do know the hidden side of myself, where I have not explore.

How do we explain why we are in stock-markets, knowing that 80% of them will be in the losers side? It is incredible ...

If I have the time ... I will be glad to have one-on-one appointment with traders/investors ... and ask them few basic questions such as "What makes you bein stock-market?" ... "How long have you been in stock-markets?" ... "Have you attended any training or those workshops?" ... "Are you in the top 20% winners as markets been bullish for 5 years now?" ... simple basic questions that need honest answers?

Yes, I do wish to do a simple survey ... and hope to publish my findings. I am very curious on how much we understood ourselves as we thought we do?

Back to my stillness ... as I that is what I like most. I like to sit on a place, facing a still lake ... for hours, reading a book or two, while playing those favourite sentimental songs. That is an ideal moment for me. Yet, it is very rare occasion ...

So ... is that what I really want? I do wonder ...

Stillness ... as I defined it ... sitting to watch sun-set or sun-rise ...besides the sea/lake/river. So, I will go to Sepang GoldCoast few times a year, to experience 'stillness'. Is that what I really want?

My mind is wandering ... and could not write. What I could think of is ... sea. I have wanted to retire nearby beaches and a small apartment in Sabah, by seaside. Perhaps, I will consider Kuantan or LangKawi too. Penang is too congested, too crowded for me.

I am dreaming again ...


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Trading Workshop 27th-28th Sept

Morning ... I am planning for a short 'compact' workshop for newbies/novices who wish to learn basic technical charting.

Contents : Price-Volume analysis .. candle-sticks reading. Trends, Support-Resistance ... indicators such as MACD, RSI and Stochastic. Money Management, Risk Management and Psychological of Trading.

Simple strategies such as "Breakout" and "Technical Rebound" will be shared too. There will be 'follow through' after workshop, to ask questions and in touch to learn show 'live' trading. We only learn well by taking real trades. Profit back from markets to cover the small fees.

Repeating : I hv even allowed my previous cohort-12 members to join, if they wish to repeat. They have joined my trading group and after 3 months or so, certainly they will have many questions to ask ... and that is how continuous learning is all about. It  should not be one-time blah-blah workshop!!

IOIPG : Recovering well ... a nice chart once break RM2.60.

Those interested, do contact me at for details.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why using NTA as valuation?

Definition of 'Net Tangible Assets' 

Calculated as the total assets of a company, minus any intangible assets such as goodwill, patents and trademarks, less all liabilities and the par value of preferred stock. Also known as "net asset value" or "book value".

I do not know why so many analysts or retailers start to use NTA as a valuation-base. I used to heard of PER being popularly used, perhaps ... P/B too. But NTA? Why every tom-dick now talking about the NTA of companies when we are trading/investing? Who started the NTA game?

Even for property counters, they talked about HIGH NTA value ... therefore, it is under-valued. Anything to justify that the stock is under-valued?

This is LionInd ... with very high NTA. Will one consider her as under-valued? Not for me.

I do hope someone will come out and tell newbies that we do not use NTA to place whether a stock is under-valued or not. It is VERY mis-leading. Why those analysts want to mis-lead the trading public, I dont know.

But ... I want to let those newbies to know ... do not follow those NTA valuation blindly. Try to understand what NTA is.

Earnings (EPS) is much more important and should be emphasized.

Just my opinion.


Monday, September 08, 2014

We are Malaysians

I was watching this short clip ... it could touch me, bring me to tears. There is hope for us, Malaysians.